On April 2nd we celebrate the Sixth World Day of Autism Awareness, sanctioned by the United Nations to increase autism awareness in society. The results of the autism spectrum disorders are neurobiological nature, characterised by severe impairments in the areas of verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction. According to recent international study, an estimated 1 in 88 falls on the autism spectrum, with different forms and levels. In Italy the amount of people on the autism spectrum is close to 680,000 (many more of celiac disease, Down's syndrome, blindness and deafness). In October 2011,  Italy created a guideline on "The treatment of autism spectrum disorders in children and adolescents", coordinated by the ISS, this has not yet been adopted by the State-Regions Conference, It would make it binding. The family associations and professional organisations call upon the commitment of the Ministry of Health for its implementation. According to the study 'The offer of care and assistance in Italy and Europe' Cesare Serono Foundation and the Censis (2012), Italy is among the last in Europe to resources for social protection of persons with disabilities, to 'work and school inclusion. The Italian model remains a welfare and responsibilities are discharged on families. Only 10% of people on the autism spectrum working after age 20, 10% attend school or a training course, while 50% attend a day care centre and 21.7% remain at home. Many ASL provide interventions still not recommended or not recommended by the guideline instead of effective interventions because they are based on scientific evidence. In the school year 2010-2011 about 10% of the families of students with disabilities has presented an appeal to the Civil Court and the Regional Administrative Court to obtain an increase in hours of support.


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