The day of the Pride autistic, a term difficult to translate into Italian, except with orgoglio. It is an'initiative Aspies for Freedom solidarity association of people on the autism spectrum who are fighting for the protection of rights and autism awareness. The official date is June 18, is a celebration of neurodiversity and tends to affirm the incredible potential hidden and unspoken of all persons belonging to autism spectrum conditions. In June, the organisations in the world celebrate this day with the aim of persuading the so called neurotypical people not autistic, that each individual with or without autism is unique and that it should be treated. According to many Aspergers movements linked to autism behaviour problems are due to a bad adaptation to hostile surroundings and lack of knowledge on specific characteristics of these people. So moving forward into a reason why we are awareness-raising the long process of acceptance of diversity, would be the fundamental key to the achievement of human rights necessary in a civil society. The battle of people with disabilities is therefore the most current revolution to accomplish.

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