Initially from DSM-IV Asperger syndrome was considered a condition related to autism A type developmental delay that known precisely  as neurodevelopmental disorders. DSM5 have removed Aspergers syndrome from diagnostic manuals, but it may continue to be diagnosed as Autism spectrum disorder or in cases of greater impairment in communication and minor compared to the typical behavior patterns of autism Social communication disorder (pragmatic).

From DSM5: individuals with an established diagnosis of DSM-IV autistic disorder, Asperger disorder, or pervasive developmental disorder should receive the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Individuals with severe deficits in social communication, They don’t have symptoms to satisfy criteria of autism should be evaluated for the Pragmatic Social Communication Disorder.

 To understand what the Asperger Syndrome, first is necessary understand what autism is, more correctly what the autistic spectrum is. Autism is a condition that has symptoms with intensity and quality variable, it has two specific deficit areas compromised: social communication and stereotype interests.

 To understand autism  we need to quit the stereotypes we are used to. First of all, people with autism are not necessarily isolated people, they are not people do not speak or closed in their world, probably someone can have this kind of character, but it is not the absolute truth. False, is the iconic figure of genius like Rainman, (savant syndrome),

Many people with autism have desire for sociability, but they do not have the tools to express it in an understandable and appropriate social form. Autism is not and should not be considered a disease but neurogenetics differentiation from biological and mixed environmental causes. The most recent discoveries have shown that people with autism are ‘wired differently’ from those not on the spectrum.  They activate different brain areas of perception, this totally changes the knowledge that they have of the surrounding reality. These amazing studies could explain other disorders such as schizophrenia and mood disorders, dismantling the concept of mental disease, supporting the importance of the relativity of every individual.

Who are people with Aspergers? They look like people who don’t have any kind of clinical diversity, though most situations they express their autism through unusual behavior. Usually these behaviours do not  pose serious problems, however, unfortunately, they  may sometimes have tragic and harmful consequences.  People do not know them well  may misinterpret them as: strange, crazy, weird, rude, selfish, lazy.  While if people are well informed and has greater knowledge or just shows empathy and understanding the outcome is more positive.

For more information download the board Autism what I want to tell you? Here

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